Setting Sail with the Concept of Armadas

One of the things I’ve noticed about a lot of games out there is that many of them are needlessly expensive and complicated.

I’ve always enjoyed the complexity of a game like chess on the other hand, but found myself getting bored playing with the same set of pieces every game.

There are many “trading” card games out there, but it always felt like you had to spend several hundred, or even over a thousand dollars to end up with a deck that’s competitive. Then once you constructed it, you need a magnifying glass and a fleet of lawyers just to understand what some of the cards even say.

The goal with Armadas is to make something that’s easy to pick up, but that allows plenty of space for adopting a unique/creative strategy.

I’m a graphic/web designer by trade—so creating and crafting new things is something I do for fun. This game falls in that category. In fact, I probably enjoy making something like this more than playing it. My original plan was just to use the prototypes I’ve created to play with friends.

As a side project, however, this is something I dive into occasionally aside my full time work. Doing a large print run and sorting out distribution is a pretty massive undertaking and so I would definitely want to ensure there’s significant interest before pursuing distribution. Definitely open to the possibility though!

In either case—thanks for reading this far and happy sailing!

Thomas McGee
Guy who made Armadas

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